\kən-ˈtrer-ē-ən, kän-\
Date: 1657

: a person who takes a contrary position or attitude

Hello, here is a little introduction to who I am.
I was raised in the Southern Baptist Church of the small town I grew up in.
I became spiritually restless around the age of 9 and went to see my pastor about what it means to be saved.
He counseled me and the following Sunday I walked the aisle to publicly declare myself as a Christian and desiring membership in the church.
As time went on and I became a teenager in the 60’s my faith came to seem irrelevant to me. I was a radical.
My friend who had been with me throughout most of this journey to carrying Mao’s little red book moved to another state on the other side of the country. We began to communicate by letter.
I could tell that something was going on with him from the tone of his letters. I soon realized he had become a religious nut.
He and his wife came back home for a visit and we planned to sit down and talk it all out. My plan was to disabuse him of his religious fantasies.
It was me whose mind was changed.
We began attending a small home group (still the most fulfilling spiritual meetings I have ever attended) and a non-denominational Bible Church. Hal Lindsey was in his glory so we were all into eschatology.
As most groups who practice some form of bibliolatry do the church eventually came to a bitter split.
My family and I drifted for a few years and finally settled again in a small Baptist church in the area where I became a bible study and small group leader. More on this in later posts.
That was 20 years ago.
Today I do not attend any organized meeting on a regular basis.
I am washed in the Blood and believe that evangelicalism has lost its way. It may be in its death throes.
My opinions are just that.
My interpretations are certainly deeply fallible.
However, I believe that I have something to share with believers. Especially those disaffected by the modern church.
So, let’s go.
The links I have on the front page are sites that I particularly like and in no way constitute any endorsement by the writers of those blogs.
The picture on the header is in the mountains of West Texas.


2 Comments on “About/Contact”

  1. ScottL says:

    Hi Rob. Saw you on Eclectic Christian blog. So this is a new blog. Look forward to seeing what you write.

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