making Jesus look bad

People make Jesus look bad.

See link to story here. Supreme court Rules.

The court is right.

However hateful and hurtful these fools have the right to say what they are saying.

Although I tend to agree with the one dissenting jurist, Judge Scalia, that some speech if it causes real harm is not protected by the first amendment. That however is part of the slippery slope we are always hearing about.

If these crazed un-American nut-jobs are not protected under the first then who might b next.

However, it is abundantly clear that they are:

1. Dishonoring the supreme sacrifice made by our young men and women in the armed forces. Their actions spit on this service and call dishonor down on it.

2. If Jesus had behaved in this way I would never have ever considered being a  follower of Christ.

Do these delusional jackboots actually think that they are changing anyones’ mind about their extreme views on homosexuality?

More importantly, do they realize how may people they are driving away from Christ?

It makes me sick.


I’ll tell you who I hate.

These pretenders to the Kingdom and whoever is driving these folks to act out these disgusting and perverse acts in the name of Christ.



Nobility in death?

This morning my wife’s sister Nancy died from leukemia.

She had already survived breast cancer and had been doing great just until the last couple of months.

She was brave and faced her death with nobility and grace.

Her husband Joe is exhausted and obviously devastated.

My wife is also devastated as she has lost not only a dear sister but one of her dearest friends. they talked almost every day.

I had known Nancy since their family moved down the street from us 52 years ago. She was a baby.

Most people who knew Nancy remember that she was always laughing. And this is a woman who had plenty to cry about in her life beyond these terrifying illnesses.

Having said all of that I want to change the tone just a little.

There is nothing beautiful in death. It is ugly and gruesome in all of its forms.

Cancer is one of the most ugly and gruesome.

This killer, which is created by our own bodies, is pernicious and hateful.

It strikes babies barely out of the womb and as a cruel joke kills octogenarians just for a laugh when they should be having peace. And everybody in between.

So horrible.

Her new grandson will not remember her and that is truly a crying shame.

I will not have this bitterness in my heart when we celebrate her life and passage.

I loved her like a little sister and will miss her terribly.

I am very happy that she is now pain-free.

I am happy that she is reunited with her loved ones like her Dad who passed last year.

I know death comes to all of us but sometimes we are reminded of just how cruel and ugly it can be.

We don’t have to feel good about it.

We do have to live and that is what we will do until we don’t.

what matters

I have been thinking about what matters.

We all spend a lot of time and effort worrying about what matters.

We may call it different things.

We may call it being relevant.

We may call it being right.

We may call it “finding ourselves”.

We may call it a thousand different things but it all boils down to what are we doing with our lives and what difference does it make?

Life is hard.

Anyone who tells you differently is either lying, insane or trying to get something from you.

Things don’t often go the way we think they should. Or maybe we just pay more attention to the bad things.

We were never promised by anyone that is trustworthy that we would have perfect, pain free, tragedy free guiltless lives.

Those preachers who say that this is not true are either the worst liars or they have never read the gospels. Probably some of both.

So, what does matter?

Money. It comes and goes. When we die what good is it?

Security? Right.

Prestige. See Money above.

Family. You may not have a family as we think of it  but there is a family.

Love. Hopefully we all have had someone who has loved us.

We certainly have One who loves us radically and unconditionally.

Last night I read the Beatitudes in Matthew.

Start at the beginning but if you are impatient start at chapter 5.

Don’t read it as though it is abstract or for some future date but as what Jesus was teaching us then and right now.

What matters?

Our babies.

Our friends.

Our family.

All those we love.

All those we hate.

I hear a lot of vitriolic talk today about the president and the government. I don’t agree with a lot or even most of what is going on. But, we are told to love our enemies and pray for them.

What matters is today.

Right now.

Those who are close to you.

Those who are not.

Those who have passed on.

Those who are estranged.

Those who hate you.

Right now.

Tomorrow has enough problems of its own. Let’s deal with what is right in front of us and know what is truly important.

We cannot control what other people think or do. We can control what we think and do (sometimes).

Love like there is no tomorrow.

Laugh like you mean it.

Cry and be cleansed not defeated.

Be good.

Be bad.

Be happy in spite of all the things and people that say not to be. Not stupidly as the prosperity preachers tell it but just because you can.

Do something sacrificial today. Or don’t and don’t feel guilty about it.

Tell someone that you love them and mean it. Or don’t and don’t feel guilty about it.

So? What matters?

I may be bankrupt in a few weeks.

I may be sick.

My loved ones may be sick or hurt or hurting.

Love. Love. Love.

What matters?


(I just liked this picture.

the smartest man ever

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