Yesterday my friend at WILLOHROOTS posted an article called Close the Church of Christian Criticism.

 Basically, the post asks why must we be so negative and in attack mode so much?

 Here is an excerpt:

In the past I could ignore those groups of people who say they are Christian, and may well be, yet practice something I find disturbing, like snake handling, or legalism.   Now I am exposed to things I formerly was able to ignore.  At the top of my personal Ignorance list was the existence of a cottage industry full of vehemence and bile, that group of people who say they are Christian and spend their lives criticizing everything that happens in a building with a cross on the roof.  Don’t get me wrong, there are some loose wingnuts on the wheels of modern Christianity, and pointing out the insanity is healthy!  I am not talking about those of us [me] who desire to point out wackos and frauds; I mean people who take on whole denominations, entire -faith-groups of mainstream believers, or really well known figureheads of the faith. 

My first response, as is my nature, was to become defensive and justify my own vitriol that is often pointed at part of the Body of Christ.

 In the comments section there was a statement by Jeofurry which led me to his site and from there to First Baptist Church of Langdon, ND and eventually to Mr. Musgrave’s sermon on Romans 14.

 My take from that sermon is don’t sweat the small stuff and almost everything is small stuff. That’s kind of trivializing the sermon and it is certainly deeper and more compicated than that but you get the idea. Listen to the sermon.

 I have< for example, on this site been very critical of Contemporary Christian Music. It’s not my taste but why should I attack this music that is enjoyed and edifying to millions of others? (In fact since that post one responder pointed me to some really good CCM, Waterdeep and Don Chaffer, excellent.)

 I’m a big critic of the mega-churches. I will continue to be one but I needn’t be so harsh about it.

 In other words my criticism and statements were not made in love but rather in anger and bitterness.

 I would ask anyone whom I have offended to please forgive me.

 I feel strongly about many aspects of the modern church and will continue to speak out about those things.

 I will continue to point out the silly and absurd.

 It is very easy to be hot under the collar when you have the anonymity of the internet. We (I) say things in a way that we would never do to someone’s face. It is cowardly and I am sorry.

 But, with the help of friends like Willoh and Jeofurry I will with the grace of God endeavor to cut down on the negativity, anger and sarcasm (a form of angry comment).

 Thank you Will and Jeff.