Probably A Bad Idea

Update: I decided to restore this post and just take my medicine. Have at me.



I am sure I’m going to regret this but I was asked again today by a very well-meaning friend why I don’t attend a church of my choice.


I have some questions that I’d like answered and some statements.

1. My understanding is that the professional priesthood/ministry/pastor/teacher job ended when the veil split in the sanctuary (Matthew 27:50,51) forever ending the separation of God from His people. Is this not true? Did not Paul himself continue his trade while establishing local churches and exhort Timothy to do the same? I have a major problem with multi-millionaire preachers or even those who live better than the most humble of their flock. I believe the closer New Testament example would be to keep your day job and practice your spiritual gift of preaching, teaching, prophecy whatever.

2. Show me in scripture where tithing is called for in the New Covenant. It’s not there. If you’re going to live by the law then live by all of the law. Shellfish anyone?

3. What are these ostentatious and overblown buildings for? My understanding is that the old temple in Jerusalem was destroyed and will not be rebuilt until Christ returns and the only other temple is our bodies.

4. I recognize the need to have communion with other believers. In Acts these meetings took place in homes. If too many people start showing up start another group.

Churches and Christian groups do  a lot of good in the world. Don’t get me wrong.

I don’t tell anyone not to go and tithe and be on building committees and on and on. If you want to meet and pay some person a salary to talk to you then by all means do so. It’s none of my business.

I also have never been able to get one Christian “professional” to answer any of these questions without a lot of spiritualizing and obfuscation.

I’m not proselytizing anyone.

All of this actually kind of pushes me to the Catholic Church because if you’re going to buy into it you may as well buy into the original brand.

If you want to talk or convince me then please do. If you want to be mad please don’t.

It is not my intention to offend anyone or belittle anyone’s beliefs.

The opinions are my own and do not reflect the opinions or views of management.


The Magic Bible (or The Bible is Magic)

neon-bibleJohn Dennis has written one of his typically astute posts on his “If”  blog.

This one is concerning bibliomancy (Notice the other superstitious and occult references on the same page in the online dictionary).

See it here : JohnDennis on “If I Could Just Find The Right Verse”.

While he deals in a pointed and hilarious way with this superstition I would like to add my own 2 cents. (That and $6 will get you a cup of coffee.)

How many times have you sat through a sermon or teaching while the speaker was lifting bits of scripture here and there to make a topical point?

I have no real beef with topical preaching/teaching but I do insist that if you are going to take this hodge-podge method that it:

1. Support a solid biblical concept/truth.

2. That the lifted scripture not be out of the context of where it is in the narrative of the bible.

The bible is not magic.

God is not the big Make-A-Wish-Foundation in the sky. (Wonderful organization here on Earth.)

Study your bible. Read it like a book not a dictionary or as an unrelated bunch of quotations.

John 3:16 makes a statement alone that is consistent with the overall message.

Be careful that you don’t apply the magic method to Matthew 27:5.