making Jesus look bad

People make Jesus look bad.

See link to story here. Supreme court Rules.

The court is right.

However hateful and hurtful these fools have the right to say what they are saying.

Although I tend to agree with the one dissenting jurist, Judge Scalia, that some speech if it causes real harm is not protected by the first amendment. That however is part of the slippery slope we are always hearing about.

If these crazed un-American nut-jobs are not protected under the first then who might b next.

However, it is abundantly clear that they are:

1. Dishonoring the supreme sacrifice made by our young men and women in the armed forces. Their actions spit on this service and call dishonor down on it.

2. If Jesus had behaved in this way I would never have ever considered being a  follower of Christ.

Do these delusional jackboots actually think that they are changing anyones’ mind about their extreme views on homosexuality?

More importantly, do they realize how may people they are driving away from Christ?

It makes me sick.


I’ll tell you who I hate.

These pretenders to the Kingdom and whoever is driving these folks to act out these disgusting and perverse acts in the name of Christ.