what matters

I have been thinking about what matters.

We all spend a lot of time and effort worrying about what matters.

We may call it different things.

We may call it being relevant.

We may call it being right.

We may call it “finding ourselves”.

We may call it a thousand different things but it all boils down to what are we doing with our lives and what difference does it make?

Life is hard.

Anyone who tells you differently is either lying, insane or trying to get something from you.

Things don’t often go the way we think they should. Or maybe we just pay more attention to the bad things.

We were never promised by anyone that is trustworthy that we would have perfect, pain free, tragedy free guiltless lives.

Those preachers who say that this is not true are either the worst liars or they have never read the gospels. Probably some of both.

So, what does matter?

Money. It comes and goes. When we die what good is it?

Security? Right.

Prestige. See Money above.

Family. You may not have a family as we think of it  but there is a family.

Love. Hopefully we all have had someone who has loved us.

We certainly have One who loves us radically and unconditionally.

Last night I read the Beatitudes in Matthew.

Start at the beginning but if you are impatient start at chapter 5.

Don’t read it as though it is abstract or for some future date but as what Jesus was teaching us then and right now.

What matters?

Our babies.

Our friends.

Our family.

All those we love.

All those we hate.

I hear a lot of vitriolic talk today about the president and the government. I don’t agree with a lot or even most of what is going on. But, we are told to love our enemies and pray for them.

What matters is today.

Right now.

Those who are close to you.

Those who are not.

Those who have passed on.

Those who are estranged.

Those who hate you.

Right now.

Tomorrow has enough problems of its own. Let’s deal with what is right in front of us and know what is truly important.

We cannot control what other people think or do. We can control what we think and do (sometimes).

Love like there is no tomorrow.

Laugh like you mean it.

Cry and be cleansed not defeated.

Be good.

Be bad.

Be happy in spite of all the things and people that say not to be. Not stupidly as the prosperity preachers tell it but just because you can.

Do something sacrificial today. Or don’t and don’t feel guilty about it.

Tell someone that you love them and mean it. Or don’t and don’t feel guilty about it.

So? What matters?

I may be bankrupt in a few weeks.

I may be sick.

My loved ones may be sick or hurt or hurting.

Love. Love. Love.

What matters?


(I just liked this picture.


5 Comments on “what matters”

  1. Laura says:

    Honestly, you are an awesome writer (as long as you are using the computer), as I literally feel your words. We are only promised now. I am reminded of my Dad’s surprise birthday party just 45 days before he died. We had an old gospel band come and sing the songs my dad grew up singing. Oh how he loved to sing and it was such a large part of his worship to God. But the songs they chose were all about hard timesd and going to Heaven and my Aunt (Dad’s sister) did not like it at all. My sister had heard her complaint, and I told her that all the songs were like that if you think about it, She agreed and so we took over the singing and picked up the mood a little.
    They were promised a better life on the other side and they looked forward to it but my aunt, I guess, had never thought about the words to all those songs she sang with my dad. People were happy back then and had very little material goods and my aunt way brutally abused by her husband. People there, at least in my parents neck of the woods were Appalachian poor mountain people iand that is my back ground as well. My Dad was the only one who had more than a high school education on both sides of the family, but he worked very hard to get it trying to rear 4 children. But in all of what you said in your writing I thought ofr him and I would absolutely say that he was a happy man. I have likely told you this but just before he died, he, in all his weakness, sat straight up on the bed and held his hands high toward the ceiling. as if he was greeting someone he loved, sat back down and then went home. He didn’t take anything with him but his love for our Savior. You are right, we have to live and love for the moment. Thanks for the thoughts of goodness and love. I feel that you know how to love, for I can feel it in your words.

  2. Rob says:

    Very kind of you.

  3. Rob says:

    I guess I better hang on to the computer.
    The story about your Dad reaching out before he passed is really great.
    We hope but are never truly and completely sure.
    He may have just been in the throes of pain and suffering but I want to believe that he saw what we will see.

  4. glenda says:

    Thanks for sharing the story about your dad Laura. Songs from the Appalachian area are beautiful but, as you pointed out, sad but full of hope. What a nice birthday surprise for your dad.

  5. Tina says:

    Beautifully written!! Thank you for sharing this with me. Great insight and wisdom!
    I challenges me to think beyond the norm.

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