God’s Will (not the one in Pennsylvania)

man on steps of church

IMonk posted a very interesting message concerning God’s will and knowing it. See it here.

My tiny contribution there is this:

This post is a more eloquent description of one of the reasons why I reject most if not all of evangelicism.
God is not some big vending machine in the sky so that if we deposit enough coin (faith, tithes, obedience, etc.) then push button B and 6 God is obligated to give us our Twinkies (put your own desires in here).
God is sovereign.
The only clue I have as to His will are the very simple things that are told us in scripture.
To paraphrase Jesus, be nice to each other and worship God above all others.
To paraphrase Paul, go tell other people.
I won’t be putting out any fleeces or any of the other gyrations to know God’s mind. I can’t know it.
I can trust God’s mind.
So I am free to live and move within that mind of God without the constant struggle to make sure I’m making all the steps 1 through 12a to live.
Free at last, free at last. Thank God Almighty free at last.

Strangely, thinking about this has led me to at least the beginnings of another answer in my life.

I don’t want to be a Roman Catholic.

I am certainly attracted to the beauty, tradition and majesty of the Roman church.

But, believing as I have stated above, how can I be apart of a fellowship that teaches that if I confess to a priest and say 10 Hail Mary’s then my sin of lusting after a new guitar is expiated?

I realize that is an unfair simplification but it is what it is.

This leaves me with rejecting both orthodoxy in most forms and absolutely rejecting the evangelical church.

What’s a fellow to do?

Constructive comments welcome.


10 Comments on “God’s Will (not the one in Pennsylvania)”

  1. Allan says:

    You are not alone. I have been involved in many of the church denominations in my life. I could not find the answer to “what does God (Jesus} want me to do?” at these places, a formula, do this and do that, I’m sure you have been there. I’m content with this; I do what my hand finds to do. I work to provide for myself and my family, and to give to those in need as I have to give. I ask the Lord for answers for whatever ?’s i have. Knowing that He will guide me into all truth. I am in essence a truth seeker. It is sometimes costly. but my foundation is secure. Christ Jesus is my cornerstone and He is my God. Troubles are like storms they come and they go, but He never changes. Seek Him and you will see what you need to see as you go. Remember we are just passing thru and are ambassadors for Christ. Let the peace of God rule in your heart and the joy in the Spirit be with you. Hope this helps.

  2. Rob says:

    Thanks for stopping by and thanks for your comments.
    It’s pretty much the way I have lived for years.
    For me it is summed up in Galations 2:20 I have been crucified with Christ. It is no longer I who live, but Christ who lives in me. And the life I now live in the flesh I live by faith in the Son of God,who loved me and gave himself for me.
    That being true I am free to live my life trusting that Christ is living His life in me.
    I don’t fret about God’s will or if this or that is right. The bible is fairly clear on the major points of what is right and worong so it’s not rocket science.
    It is truly freedom.

  3. theoldadam says:

    It’s simple: “Love God and your neighbor as yourself”

    ‘Well, I don’t care for my neighbor a whole lot.’

    There’s the rub. That’s why we need a Savior. He knows who and what we are. We wants us to be honest about that fact, too.

    But who did He come for? Who did He die for? Who does He forgive?

    Sinners. I qualify, thanks be to God.

    Many do not. They are doing alright, themselves.

    In His forgiveness we are truly freed from the “religious” project that is the self.

  4. amy says:

    What’s a fella to do?

    Follow the wisdom of the church’s earliest saints, those who loved Christ and by example of their life became living icons of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ.

    St. Anthony, St. Benedict, St. Patrick, St. Columba, St. Seraphim of Sarov most especially, for he told us that to acquire a spirit of peace, thousands round you might be saved.

  5. willohroots says:

    I never fit in a church until i was in the pulpit. Rob, that might be you too. I am a strong believer in home groups to study the bible. The problems with being a Christian in an isolated setting are many. As much as i rebelled against church, I progressed much more slowly than when in fellowship, even difficult fellowship. In fact it may have been during the most difficult times that i flourished most.
    God loves it when we get together. He knows it is hard. Until then, gather together on the net, and may God be praised!!

    Will in Pa., and I am God’s by His Grace.

  6. Rob says:

    Thank you, Will.
    Right now I kind of just don’t care.
    “church” seems and apparently for me is not only useless but a huge bore.
    I know you understand.
    The fanatcs will insist on a formal fellowship with all of the bs that goes with that.
    I couldn’t care less.
    The “church” has hijacked and ruined itself.
    It’s time for a new reformation.
    BTW I no longer subscribe to iMonk.

  7. willohroots says:

    I would love to hear the monk disconnect.

    I know you would love the fellowship at our little group. We are starting to be known as ” the recovery church” I kind of like that, however it is rough to operate financially with so many paying fines and starting over!!

    I hope to take the church on line next month. You will be more than welcome to be part of the Dayspring on line fellowship!

    I wish i could argue the point about the church hijacking and ruining itself, but it is a sad truth.

    If you need me, you can find me, as i know you are there for me.

    Gettysburg looks great in the fall!! but I will with God’s blessing be more financially fit in the spring!

  8. Rob says:

    Thank you for your kind words.
    I struggling financially as well but nothing that cannot be weathered.
    If more fellowships were like Dayspring then perhaps I would not be so bitter.
    As far as the Monk goes he is running with a better class of people these days. Theologians and such.
    I miss the monk that was struggling. He was more fun.

  9. Laura says:

    Rob & friends in Christ: I have recently been involved in an internet site called Worldview Weekend and the entry is one in the same, http://www.worldviewweekend.com. I ordered a set of tapes and the book by David Barton “Original Intent”. David is the Christian who is often on Glenn Beck who tells the real history of our Founding Fathers. In the set of DVDs the best was about why it is important that Christians remain relevant in today’s world where Marxism, Humanism, Islam, and 3 others that are vying for the minds of our young, and of those who are not deeply rooted in the knowledge and works of God and His plan for our lives. I too do not know what His plans are for me, but I know that I have to get back to church and be among those who are deeply grounded in the truth. Brannon Howze is the speaker to which I refer and he too says the apostate church is keeping those of use who need a deep connection to the spirit of God, away from the church because we are not being fed. Preachers are afraid to speak the truth for fear of being politically incorrect. How true that is. We are being fed the skeletal issues of Christian love, and there is not meat left on the bones. Cand we are in the fight of our lives of losing the real church altogether. I think we have to be evangelical in our own living. What is it we are trying to do when we spread the good news of Jesus Christ and the grace of God to others? Do we want their money? Do we need their approval? Why is it so hard to ask someone if they know Him? Is it because we don’t know him ourselves very well or we cannot answer the questions they might ask? Probably all the above. But after watching the DVDs I have realized what I miss about not being involved in the church as I used to be. I miss people who love Jesus and I miss Jesus himself. I miss being around the people that made His love a reality and who would help you in a moment’s notice and would listen for

  10. Laura says:

    You and I both know about sensing the loss of Christ in the churches of today. I have been watching and getting on a website from Worldview Weekend (www.worldviewweekend.com) where Brannon Howze discusses the apostate church where “believers” come empty and leave empty. The destruction of the family have left so many wondering and it has made our country ripe for the sins of man to grow ever so quickly and allow it in our churches as well. Preachers in the apostate church are luke warm in their sermons, afraid of stepping on toes and will not preach about the politically incorrect things that are so prevalent in our scociety. The church needs to get involved in what our government is up to and how it is infiltrating our schools, colleges, and all social gatherings. We have become numb enough to allow homosexuals into church leadership and so it appears as though there is no sin whatsoever. There are many forces that are vying for the souls of mankind. Progessive thinking has become much larger than I first realized and now it may be too late for it has infiltrated our churches as well.
    I don’t care for the old, screaming evangelistic preaching with a 30 minute invitation after a sermon, but I think we have to become evangelistic in our own thinking every day, being unafraid to bring the truth to everyone we know. What do we want from them? Nothing except for them to listen. It gains us nothing except that when we feel something has helped us out of the darkness, we hope that someone else can find their way out too.
    I miss Jesus and I miss Him alot. That is what is wrong with the churches. They need to be relevant to what is going on in today’s world and speak out about it without fear. I miss the fellowship with others who loved Jesus and these things I can only blame on myself. But we must find the spirit within us and then find the one that meets our spiritual needs. I need to know how to fight the satan that is alive and well in our country and our world today.
    There are 6 views for living I have learned that are fighting for the souls of our children and for those of us who are not deeply grounded in God’s love. Islam, Humanism, Neolistic Humanism, Christianity and 2 more I can’t remember, but Islam is way ahead of them all. These ideologies are infiltrating our country and it is exactly the plan as seen through the eyes of Progressivism; somewhat like the plan Hitler used to win over his people in the 30’s. Today, the credit might be given to the readers of Saul Alinsky’s “Rules fo Radicals” who gave credit and thanked Lucifer for the writing of his book. (This book was taught in the classroom by our president). In Europe now, the churchews are all but gone and have been turned into bars, wedding places, community centers but most have been turned into Mosques.
    I am frightened that this is what America will look like soon if the church doesn’t start to did it’s heels in. I can only say, I have dropped out and have used my health as the reasons and excuses, but I will return to getting involved again as soon as my surgery is finished and I am recovered well enough to go and sit and then get active again. I miss the fellowship of those who love Jesus, God and the Holy Spirit, so for me there has been a little revival of my very own as I have found these DVDs and readings to be quite helpful. And though I am fearful of the politics of the country right now, it is the reason I have awakened and seen a great reason to become strong again in Christ.

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