Another passing

Last week we buried my father-in-law.

He was my father-in-law and my friend.

He was a remarkable man in many ways and a very simple man in other ways.

He was quick witted and quick tempered.

He was cruel and he was kind.

He was a war hero who refused to discuss it but in other ways one of the most vain men I have ever met.

I loved him.

About 3 weeks before his passing I had an opportunity to talk with him alone for couple of hours.

The conversation veered from the profane to the divine.

He told me many things I will remember but one stands out.

He said he was not ready to go yet. He put it this way,” I have not seen the light at the end of the tunnel yet but when I do I know where I am going.”

His faith was uncomplicated.

Believe and you are saved.

I will miss his jokes and music and wisdom.

I am comforted knowing that he is with the Lord and no longer suffering.

God bless you Glen and thank you for the beautiful daughter and the genes you added to my beautiful children and grandchildren.

Now rest a bit and then pick up your D28 and play some old time country gospel. I’m sure Jesus will enjoy it. I always did.


3 Comments on “Another passing”

  1. RobsSonInLaw says:

    I will always cherish the memory of him sitting down at the piano at Judge Brett Hall’s house after you wedding and belting out an old country spiritual, much to the chagrin of his wife.

    I’ll also never forget the yarns he would spin to get his grand and great grand children all spun up. He could really weave a tall tale with the best of them; like how he “got his eye shot out in the war”!

    Rest in Peace Glen! You are loved and missed.

  2. willohroots says:

    God bless you and your wife in your time of separation from this man. Introduce me when we are called together!

  3. Rob says:

    Thank you, Will.

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