the smartest man ever

einsteinI want to know God’s thoughts; the rest are details.



MED2097I am at an age (56) that finds me, my wife and siblings and my friends at another of the crossroads of life.

We are not necessarily looking forward any longer. We are not dead (yet) and yet in truth we know that the better part of our time here is gone.

Older relatives and friends are passing.

Our parents are changing before our eyes.

Those stalwarts of strength and stability are now frail and in need of us. 

The mother who just yesterday was so vivid and alive is tired and cannot remember conversations, dates and times. 

The father who has always taken such pride in his independence and ability to take of af things can no longer climb the roof and work all day repairing shingles.

Brushes with death are becoming common. 

We all knew these times would come but had hoped against hope that they would be forestalled somehow. That our parents would be the exceptions. The ones who lived to 105 and still were healthy and awake.

It is not to be.

Nor should it I suppose.

We have a time allotted to us here on this earth and the we must “shuffle off this mortal coil.”

So we self absorbed and spoiled baby boomers must both care for our parents and learn to be the patriarchs and matriarchs for our children and grandchildren.

Rather than fight the inevitable it is now my hope that when the time comes that they can with grace and dignity lay down their burdens and lie in the arms of our loving Saviour and hear,”Well done my child. Rest now.”