jesus_fish_car_emblemToday, not for the first time, I was cut off in traffic and rudely signaled by a person with the “Christian” symbol on their car.

I was not going slow. I was actually above the speed limit but apparently not fast enough, in the right lane, for this soldier of Christ.

Ladies and Gentlemen. If you are going to put a piece of plastic on your car to make some kind of statement about your supposed spirituality then please be mindful that you are anonymous and it is not your good name that is being slandered by your behavior.

Act right.

Be kind.

Lose the plastic. Your life of Christ-likeness will be a much bigger testimony than the piece of signage on your car.

I really think folks do it just to proclaim whose side they are 0n in the culture wars.

By the way, I find the Darwin fish-eating symbols to be even more offensive and idiotic. What is your point? that you are smarter or some other conceit? that symbol has only one purpose. To offend and belittle.

Back to Christians.

Either be perfect or take the fish off the car. At the least try to obey traffic laws and common decency.


3 Comments on “Fishy?”

  1. will says:

    Oh, be drivers of the Word not just hearers of the Word. I have a Pastor sticker on my car, it helps park at the hospital. I really try to not be a jerk while driving. I have a problem with a lot of the bumper stickers i used to see, Jesus is my Co-pilot, this car unmanned in time of rapture. how about a sticker that says, “Ask me if you need jumper cables, or, Honk if you need a friend? ” Doers, are in short supply, hearers abound.

  2. Beau says:

    Dude, what state did this occur in?

  3. Rob says:

    Texas. Florida, Louisiana, Colorado (every day) Oklahoma………….

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