Why I Don’t Enjoy (Most) CCM

singing1I have had friends ask me why I don’t like contemporary Christian music.

Several reasons.

1. I am an old curmudgeon.

2. Most of it is not very good.

3. Much of it is just an attempt to copy other popular music.


How many times have you heard a performance in a church and the histrionics of the performer are what is the main thing in view?

Hey, if you want to be Beyonce’ or Britney Spears or David Cook then by all means go for it.

Just don’t do it where I’m trying to worship.



I have friends and relatives, one in particular, that play and in Praise and Worship bands. I have no doubt at all about this friend’s sincerity and heart for the Lord.


9 Comments on “Why I Don’t Enjoy (Most) CCM”

  1. willohroots says:

    I have come a long way with CCM. My Christian musical resume starts with me leading singing in a Church of Christ, no ppiano or organ, all old hymns. Last night I was front man in a band playing CCM at a coffee house. Drums, Guitars, keyboard, bass, and electric fiddle. When I write music it doesn’t sound like Fanny Crosby. I still struggle at times, but I will do anything for the cause of Christ. Just before i read this I said to my wife how odd it is that I only want to preach the word, but i am singing on stage at 53. what a weird life.

  2. Rob says:

    I am the one with a problem. Not you.

  3. willohroots says:

    Rob, there is no doubt some of the stuff out there is mindless, repetitive to the point of torture, shallow, and as Driscoll says, “Prom songs to Jesus”. Oh. it is not all you. And then you get the all about me, song leader. I know, it ain’t easy!

  4. Rob says:

    It’s not the style. It’s the content and the focus.
    I spent this afternoon listening to speed metal.

  5. graceshaker says:

    theres very little ccm that i will bother with. some of the reason is that i have not always been in the church and soaked with it as a subcultural phenomenon. but another reason is that much of it seems to exist in a realm of non-reality. by that i mean they are singing songs that do not come from this planet.

    when i read the psalms i see that david and the other writers lived here. they had high moments and low moments in their journey and they honestly expressed them to their god alongside the praise due his name. this i dont see in the prom-date jesus songs of ccm.

  6. Rob says:

    Thanks for your comments, graceshaker.
    I think some of my friends believe that my problem is with the form of the music.
    No, it is with the CONTENT or lack thereof.
    Every song doesn’t have to be a theological treatise but surely it can be more than “Jesus is my BFFL”.
    Exhibit A, your honor: Sonseed
    We agree.

  7. willohroots says:

    Give a guy top booking on your blog roll and them he posts once a month. That is a CCM song for ya!

  8. Rob says:

    I’ve been mightily distracted.

  9. amy says:

    Kudos! I could not agree with your post more.

    Well, all except for #1 😉

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