The Magic Bible (or The Bible is Magic)

neon-bibleJohn Dennis has written one of his typically astute posts on his “If”  blog.

This one is concerning bibliomancy (Notice the other superstitious and occult references on the same page in the online dictionary).

See it here : JohnDennis on “If I Could Just Find The Right Verse”.

While he deals in a pointed and hilarious way with this superstition I would like to add my own 2 cents. (That and $6 will get you a cup of coffee.)

How many times have you sat through a sermon or teaching while the speaker was lifting bits of scripture here and there to make a topical point?

I have no real beef with topical preaching/teaching but I do insist that if you are going to take this hodge-podge method that it:

1. Support a solid biblical concept/truth.

2. That the lifted scripture not be out of the context of where it is in the narrative of the bible.

The bible is not magic.

God is not the big Make-A-Wish-Foundation in the sky. (Wonderful organization here on Earth.)

Study your bible. Read it like a book not a dictionary or as an unrelated bunch of quotations.

John 3:16 makes a statement alone that is consistent with the overall message.

Be careful that you don’t apply the magic method to Matthew 27:5.


4 Comments on “The Magic Bible (or The Bible is Magic)”

  1. willohroots says:

    The triune God, Father Son and Holy Bible? That is almost what I was taught for a while. Great post. I had a customer tell me she got over a cold by repeating the healing verses over and over. Voodoo Christianity.

  2. graceshaker says:

    bible voodoo eh? now theres something..

  3. Rob says:

    It’ s using the bible like a ouija board.

  4. Biblical soundbites. Sometimes it is hard to make the point the preacher wants to make without using out-of-context snippets. That should tell them something, but alas …

    This goes along with the general Biblical illiteracy of many Christians, don’t you think? Closing your eyes, opening a page and pointing is just so much easier than reading the whole thing. But, to your church friends, it is so much more “faithful” than relying on fortune cookie messages.

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